Do you wish translate the entire GUI (graphic user interface) of QuizFaber into your mother language ?

Here, in a ZIP file, all the text to translate :

The text to translate is mainly in Excel file format (XLS, compatible with Excel '97/2003).
Write me a email before you start, so I can begin to extend the software to your language, and then download the ZIP file that contains:

  1. Dialog windows texts
  2. Messages into dialog windows
  3. Menu-bar, tool-bar and context menu items
  4. Help pages, as HTML files

Each Excel file has three sheets, the first is in english, the second is in italian, and the third is the language that you will choose of work on it, translating from english (or from italian). For each window dialog, you will see also the image of that dialog.

Below an example of Excel file:

Excel file for translate


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