Store quiz result into your PC

Store quiz result into your PC

QuizFaber can be configured to produce web quizzes that runs in a client-server manner, in other words, the web quiz is the "client" side that send information (the quiz results) and your PC the "server" side that gain the information sent by the web quiz-client.
The main advantage is store in a permanent way all the quizzes results and browse them at every time with a simple and intuitive web page that shows easy search criterion (by student name, by quiz name, by date). Morover, some basic statistical parameters (like mean value, standar deviation) are supported.


1. What should you install on your PC at first time
2. Personalize your web server with QuizFaber Perl scripts
3. Make the quiz with QuizFaber


1. What should you install on your PC at first time

You need to install:

  1. A Web Server
  2. A Perl Interpreter

Fortunately there are some freeware web server for Windows, easy to install and easy to use. If you haven't installed on your PC one or both of them, and if you really don't know how find these software, I suggest you to try:

  1. Xitami Web Server, for Windows 95/NT; Unix-OpenVMS; Alpha/AXP NT; OS/2 Warp
  2. ActivePerl of ActiveState, for Windows, Solaris, Linux

Both of them are freeware (ActivePerl only need an optional registration).


2. Personalize your web server with QuizFaber Perl scripts

Suppose you have installed:

  • Xitami Web Server in C:\Program Files\Xitami folder;
  • QuizFaber in C:\Program Files\QuizFaber folder;
  • ActivePerl in C:\Perl\ folder;

Moreover, you wish save the quiz results in the c:\Documents\ folder.

Copy all the four CGI Perl scripts from C:\Program Files\QuizFaber\cgi-bin\server-windows\ into C:\Program Files\Xitami\cgi-bin\ folder.
Then, open these four CGI Perl scripts (,,, with a simple text editor (for example Notepad). Modify only the first two lines, as follows:

#! C:\perl\bin\perl.exe
$file_path = 'c:/Documents/';

Well done ! You are ready for the next step.


3. Make the quiz with QuizFaber

Run QuizFaber and write your quiz.
When the quiz questions are ready, open the "Properties" Dialog box (click on "Quiz" menu, then click on "Properties..."). Click on label "Saving", then select "Save quiz result on a web server" item and click on "Settings" button. A new dialog windows will be shown, as the dialog below:

The only thing you should do is check the item "Use local host as web server". Click on "OK" button.

Make the quiz with QuizFaber. When you run the quiz, be sure that Xitami is up and started (remember that if you have choosed not to start Xitami at the Windows startup, you must run it manually every time).
At the end of the quiz, the results are stored into a file called "quizResuls.log" in the c:\Documents\ folder.

In order to access the quiz results, instead of open the result file (you should avoid to do that because the data are not human readable), when Xitami is up and run, you should open the "..._result.htm" file (this file is made by QuizFaber every time you make a quiz with the "Save quiz result on a web server" option enabled).
A simple search form is displayed. With this web interface, you can search all the results stored in the "quizResult.log" by quiz name, by student name or by date.
Below an example of seach form, displayed with a web browser: