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QuizFaber 3.1.2 in English

In the latest release

12 March 2016

  • New management of authentication to Google Drive to set saving quiz results to spreadsheet. 
  • Calculation of the final grade function can be customized.
  • Some bugs fixed.

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QuizFaber for LINUX NEW!
(with Mono)


What is QuizFaber?

What is QuizFaber?

Is a freeware software for Windows that enables you to create multimedia quizzes as HTML documents. This program simplifies quiz-making in HTML without any prior knowledge of HTML or JavaScript.

The quiz is ready to be published on Internet, in a local network (with Intranet protocol) or on a local PC.

  • It is possible to create and manage many types of questions:questions with multiple choice, questions with multiple answers, true or false questions, questions with open answer,gap filling exercises, matching words.
  • It can be fully customize for the choice of background images, colors, sounds and font types.
  • The quiz result can be saved on a web server, send through email or stored on the Google cloud (Google Drive)
  • It allows to embed into quizzes multimedia objects as images, sounds and videos, since it is compatible with the more widespread Internet formats (JPEG, GIF, MID, MP3, AVI, MPEG), also with Macromedia Flash, Apple QuickTime, Liveupdate Crescendo, RealAudio, RealMedia browser plug-in.
  • In these last years, QuizFaber has become a worldwide software. With the free contribution of its users, it produces quizzes in Croatian, Dutch, English, French, Galicien, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.
  • The quiz can be easily printed or exported in many format, like PDF , Excel , Word (RTF)